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Are you scared, overwhelmed, confused?

Do you have thoughts like, “What am I going to do? I can’t afford a baby right now? This isn’t the right time! My boyfriend doesn’t want the baby!”​​

Does it seem like abortion is the only option?

A Flood of Feelings

When a woman finds out she is pregnant, there are a myriad of feelings that arise! She might believe that the timing isn’t right, and abortion seems like the right thing to do. She might be finding it very difficult financially to make ends meet. There might be serious issues between her and the boyfriend. She might be overwhelmed with fear and anxiety!

First, let’s look at the pregnant woman who wants to keep her baby.When she finds out she’s expecting, she’ll start taking better care of herself! She will avoid certain things out of concern for the unborn child developing in her womb! She knows that her umbilical cord is a pipeline to the baby and whatever she takes into her system will affect that child! What do you think of a woman who drinks a beer and smokes cigarettes while she is pregnant? Most people would be appalled to see a pregnant woman doing something like that because it would cause harm to the unborn baby! Abortion does more than hurt the unborn child, it kills the baby in the womb.

Pregnancy is supposed to be a joyous time!! A time of celebration! A new life has been created!! Sadly, the woman who wants an abortion doesn’t look at her pregnancy that way. She assumes that things will get better if she has the abortion. It seems like that is her only solution!

Circumstances Change

But whatever her situation, that doesn’t change the fact that a little baby is growing inside of her with a heart that began beating at 18 days. At conception, all the baby’s characteristics: the eye color, hair color and sex have all been genetically determined. At fertilization/conception, the DNA spells out what that child will become, if allowed to live and achieve his or her full potential.

And circumstances do change. For the woman facing difficult challenges, things will not always be that way! Things can and will get better. There is always hope!

Children Are a Blessing

We used to live in a society where children were welcomed into the world. It was unpopular not to have children. Babies were considered blessings, not burdens! Now we hear people say that we have too many children. What if the child isn’t wanted and wasn’t planned for? It’s tragic to think that so many of us could have ended up being another “statistic” if abortion had been legal when our parents were pregnant. It’s sad that life isn’t valued more than a person’s circumstances. 

I was recently at the abortion facility and saw a woman going into the clinic while her husband waited in the car. I began to engage him in conversation. He said that the child was coming at the wrong time and that was really why they were seeking an abortion. Their little girl bounced around in the back seat while we talked. I told him that there could be short-term and long-term physical/emotional consequences to his wife and that he needed to protect her and his unborn child. I shared the development of the unborn child and how the abortion tragically ends the baby’s life. He was polite but didn’t want to hear anymore. It was very sad. 

God is the creator of life. Each child is created in His image and likeness!  The word Fetus in Latin means “little one” or “offspring.” Those children are our future.  Every day thousands of innocent children are lost to abortion. It’s devastating to think of the magnitude of what our society has lost. Parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents, neices, nephews…so many have been impacted by abortion.

I remember one case of a youth pastor who had just found out his mom had an abortion when she was younger. He is an only child. He struggled with the fact that he never had siblings. He really was angry at his mother when the truth came out. He has forgiven her, but the reality that he could have had a brother or sister caused him heartache. And people say abortion doesn’t impact people in a negative way?!

The child growing inside of you is a separate entity with his/her own fingerprints and blood type! That little person’s heart is beating! He/she is a member of the human race.  

If your test has come back positive, you are a mother. No matter what stage of development your child is at, that baby is alive. The child will develop its own distinct personality. If you give him/her a chance to grow, you will discover the beauty of the life growing inside of you. You’ve been given an incredible gift from God! Your baby is a blessing!  

Don’t Give In To Fear

If you are pregnant, please don’t give in to fear! Don’t allow the anxiety you feel about your pregnancy to cause you to make the wrong choice. God has a purpose and plan for your baby! If you are contemplating abortion, the decision you are about to make is life-altering! It isn’t something that you can just get over! There are many that will never make peace with the abortion.

Imagine the woman who has lost an unborn child due to miscarriage. She is devastated! Her heart is broken! Why wouldn’t the woman who has lost a child to abortion suffer grief and pain? She has lost a child, too!! The only difference between the woman who miscarries and the one who has an abortion is their mindset. Just because she doesn’t want the baby at the time doesn’t change the intrinsic value of that human being or the loss she has suffered! Even if she doesn’t realize it yet!

Abortion is not a quick fix! It goes against everything that a woman was created to be! God made us to protect and preserve life! Even most creatures in the animal kingdom protect their young.  Shouldn’t we do the same!

Please! If you are pregnant, we are here to help you!

Don’t let fear and the unknown cause you to make the wrong choice.