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STOP! Know the Facts

• What are the physical and emotional consequences
of  abortion?

• How is the procedure performed?

• What happens to the unborn baby during the abortion?

• Have you had a prior abortion? The risk of complications rises depending on that fact.

• Do you want children in the future? How do you know that there will be another baby?

Can you answer the questions listed above? These are things that you need to ask yourself. When a pregnant woman doesn’t want her baby, she will often move quickly to abort him or her. She thinks that the unborn child is small and insignificant so, for her, it seems easier to have the abortion. She needs to take the time to go over all the information. There can be short and long-term consequences. Abortion can cause lifelong problems to her emotional and physical health!

This is a serious medical procedure. Some people make it sound like it is as simple as pulling a tooth! But that is untrue. The unborn child is implanted in the mother’s womb and it requires force to remove him or her. The womb should be a sanctuary for the baby. Sadly, in over 1.2 million abortion cases a year, it is the most dangerous place for the child.

I wouldn’t have gone through with it if the abortionist had fully explained everything to me. You need to know all the facts! You have a right to be given all the information. It is extremely important that you fully understand what is about to happen to you.

Please talk to someone about what you are going through! Abortion isn’t the answer. There is another way! There are countless women who found out just how devastating abortion is, sadly it was too late. We care about you and your baby. You haven’t stumbled upon this information by accident. God is using us to reach out to you and help you.

We are here to walk you through your pregnancy. You are not alone! There are resources available!

Please take a time out!